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Mold Inspections: Not all mold were created equally

Mold is an important organism outside of our natural environment because it helps expedite the decomposition process. This means that mold in your home may be eating away at materials like fallen leaves and dead trees, which will eventually lead to structural damage around your house. Molds are a crucial player in nature’s cycle for recycling organic matter – think about how they help break down leaf litter or rotten logs scattered on the forest floor. They also serve as food sources for other organisms such as certain flies and beetles who eat them up too; so removing molds from your living space could disrupt this delicate balance between predator-prey relationships out there.

Mold is everywhere and can be difficult to see, but it’s presence should not go un-noticed. But how do you know if your mold problem needs a professional solution? Testing any mold found in your home with the Genus kit will provide more information on what type of mold might be lurking around inside or outside waiting for its next victim! We’ll test both sides of this packet so that we have all the info needed before remediation starts. Mold testing kits are an efficient way to identify which types of molds could potentially affect indoor air quality in one’s home – even when they’re invisible! With our handy little packets from Test America Mold Checker. Mold needs three things to grow, a food source, oxygen and moisture. Controlling mold is really controlling the moisture in your home; it’s vital that remediation of all problem areas be done immediately before these issues can cause health problems or structural damage.

The Inspectors at Golden State are not like the other Licensed Mold Inspectors in the Los Angeles area. We put your health and well being first, before our wallet because we know that mold can be deadly to those with asthma or allergies. While some inspectors might come in for a few samples, look around quickly and then leave; this is what testers do who only want more jobs done as fast as possible so they make money faster. But an assessment of your home by someone who knows their stuff means looking at all areas- inside AND outside – where there could be potential concerns about hidden moisture which may cause growths of fungus spores over time if left unchecked. We perform a full visual inspection of the property, including specific areas of concern to the client and general areas that could potentially have mold growth. We take pictures for documentation purposes as we explore all corners of your home or business looking out for any signs such as moisture accumulation in building materials which can point towards an issue with water intrusion-damp spots on ceilings, walls or floors; peeling paintwork; discoloration around windowsills etc., so you know what’s going on inside your house at all times. Areas where cracking is seen are also examined closely since this may be indicative of structural issues related to leaky roofs and outdated plumbing.

There are many samples you can choose from and some won’t be the best for your home pending what the inspector finds because some molds are hard to capture in certain samples. That is why it is important for us to do a full inspection in order to help decide which types of samples should be taken for your specific situation, so we can have an accurate diagnosis on how severe or mild any mold problems could potentially become. We will go over the results with you in order to help you understand the extent of your mold problem. After we do this, we’ll put together an Assessment report for a remediation company that will include details from our inspection and recommendations on how best to proceed forward for your home or business. In some cases if needed, If remediation is needed, our assessor will also generate a written protocol that explicitly details proper procedures. The customer has the freedom to hire any company they want for this service and we are happy provide referrals as requested. Once it’s been performed, you can request them back at your convenience.

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