Mold Inspection Company Standards of Practice

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The intent of these standards of practice are to standardize what is to be expected out of a mold inspection. The mold inspection industry is riddled with unscrupulous mold inspectors, companies and bad actors that hurt the industry as a whole.

An association of inspection companies that adhere to these standards of practice will help standardize the mold inspection process and re-build trust within our client base.

Company Principles
  • Health and safety are the primary concerns and come ahead of everything else.
    • Occupant safety.
    • Contractor safety.
    • Cross contamination.
  • Company/inspector is to perform Mold Inspections and testing ONLY. Absolutely NO affiliation with remediation contractor/company/work.
    • Including referral fees.
  • Scare tactics during inspection or reporting are NOT to be used to sell the business services or products.
    • Know that mold exists everywhere, is natural to the environment and inform clients of this fact.
Inspection Standards
  • Health and safety are the primary concerns and come ahead of everything else.
  • Inspectors acknowledge and inform clients that mold exists everywhere and is natural to the environment. We are inspecting for abnormal mold growth.
    • Not all mold growth is an immediate health concern.
    • Not all mold growth requires containment protocol.
  • Inspectors must attempt to identify the source of mold growth.
    • If water intrusion, what is the source of water intrusion?
    • If poor ventilation, why and what could be done to improve ventilation?
    • If other, what and why?
  • Scare tactics are NOT to be used to sell the business services or products.
  • Strive to be extra thorough and diligent. We owe it to our client.
  • Inspector is NOT blow anything out of proportion.
Reporting Standards
  • Reports must contain pictures.
  • Inspectors are to report the source of mold growth, including but not limited to:
    • Water intrusion, if any. If unable to identify the source, this must be noted and list possible sources.
    • Poor ventilation, if any. Why and what could be done to improve ventilation?
    • If other, what and why?
  • If any samples are taken, an interpretation of the lab analysis must be provided.
    • Inspector must have a set standard of interpretation and convey this to the client.
  • Scare tactics are NOT to be used to sell the business services or products.
  • A Scope of Work for remediation must be provided.
    • Must be reasonable to the findings.
    • Customized for the specific findings.
    • Ensure the safety of occupants and contractors.
  • DO NOT blow anything out of proportion.
Lab Analysis Interpretations
  • Swab/Bulk/Tape is preferred sampling method. Positively identifies mold presence and type(s)
    • Any amounts of Stachybotrys reported.
      • Containment Protocol for remediation.
    • Air Samples
      • Control sample is assumed to have an error factor of at least 1 (raw count) of any spore type.
      • Signs of mold issue.
        • Any raw spore count of the interior sample is greater than 10 times the control sample.
        • Total spore count per cubic meter greater than 2,500.
          • Exception: Similar to the exterior total spore count per cubic meter.
          • Clearance Inspection: Total spore count must be less than 10,000 per cubic meter.
        • In the event that these standards for lab analysis interpretations must be ignored in order to ensure the safety of an occupant.
          • The report must detail why and justify the lab interpretations.
Affiliated Mold Companies (requirements to join association)
  • Recommended or endorsed by at least two credible real estate agents.
  • No affiliation with remediation work/contractors/company.
  • Proper certification(s).
  • In business for at least two consecutive years with documentation of actively performing inspections.
  • Provide sample reports.
    • Report must meet required standards.
  • Must pledge to adhere to the standards of practice.
  • Proof of GL insurance.
  • All applicants will go through a review process to become a member.
    • This is not be a “Pay and Play” association.
Process for Company in Violation of the Standards of Practice
  • Any company found to be affiliated with a remediation contractor/company/worker will be immediately terminated from affiliation. No exceptions.
  • Complaints are to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
    • History of complaints are to be considered during review.
      • Repeat violations may lead to greater consequences.
    • Violations are to have a review status:
      • Under review for violation.
        • Not to be made public during initial review.
      • Affiliation Temporarily on Hold.
        • Upon sufficient evidence that a Suspensible or Terminable offense has occurred.
      • Affiliation Suspended.
        • Set time limit until re-instated.
        • Pays a fee
        • Continual education requirement.
      • Affiliation Terminated.
        • There is no chance of re-instatement.
      • Status Upheld.
        • Records of violation review to be kept, but not made public.
Exclusions to Standards of Practice
  • These standards of practice are not intended to regulate a business strategy, plans or how it is managed.
    • The intent of these Standards of Practice is to ensure that consumers receive a proper service in an industry that is riddled with unscrupulous inspectors, companies and affiliations.
      • Companies that adhere to these standards of practice are reputable companies that have shown a history of good practice and reporting.
    • It is well within a company’s right to establish pricing terms and run their business as they deem best.
    • Punctuality and turnaround times are to be set at and by the company’s standards.
    • Marketing content and business development strategies are to be at the company’s discretion.

This is not an attempt to regulate how a company is managed, but it is meant to protect consumers from bad inspection and reporting practices. Companies that pledge to these inspection practices will be know as reputable companies that put the clients’ health, safety and wallets ahead of the business’ financial priorities. A reputable mold inspection company that performs well, will achieve their goals without harming consumers in the process.

This document will be a fluid document that will change as necessary.

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