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Exposed To Mold?

Exposed To Mold? How You Can Tell If You’re Sick

Have you ever felt dizzy or had a headache that no one could explain? Is it possible that you were exposed to mold and mold spores, causing you to be sick? What are the indications of sickness due to mold? It’s not always simple to tell whether you’re ill as a result of mold. Mold’s toxicity affects everyone differently. Headaches, shortness of breath, lethargy, and symptoms that mimic a typical cold, such as a runny nose or watering eyes are all possible signs.

Another difficulty is recognizing mold-associated symptoms. When asked about the environmental conditions of their homes, most people will respond, “I take good care of my home, so i’m not worried” Maybe it is clean, but have they though about their workstation and the current status with mold there? If you don’t know the symptoms of mold exposure, how can you explain it so that any medical professional can identify your condition? In this post, Golden State Mold Inspections will look at some typical mold-associated problems and how to address them.

What Is Mold?

Its a fungus that thrives in an environment with lots of moisture. Mold can be found almost everywhere. It’s outside as well as inside your house and workplace, which is unfortunate. Spores from mold enter your home through vents, windows, open passage ways, clothes, shoes, on food you bring in from the store, and even pets. Mold spores may begin to develop and spread when they land in a location with any moisture and especially on your doors and walls. Mold’s function is to breakdown and decompose organic substances. As it develops on an organic material, it absorbs it as well.

Molds will produce spores in order to replicate. Spores are easily carried by the wind and carried to new locations. If a mold spore falls on a wet substance and enough moisture is available, a new mold colony will soon develop. Mold can begin developing in as little as 24 to 48 hours if the conditions are right.

If we breathe mold spores, our health problems begin. Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by certain molds. Because most mycotoxins are extremely poisonous, some molds can be extremely dangerous. In fact, you don’t have to breathe mold spores in order to get Mold Contamination Syndrome; simply being in touch with the mold can cause symptoms..

There are a lot of mold out there but some can be useful, like penicillin. Some are use for food, like cheese. Some like black mold as discussed can be very harmful. Its tough to tell them apart, that is why you need a professional mold inspector. Mold can make you ill if you or your loved ones has allergies, respiratory issues, or a weakened immune system.

Mold-Related Health Issues

The most frequent symptoms caused by mold are respiratory problems. They can include the following:

-Memory loss
-Nerve pain
-Rashes on the skin
-Irritation of the eyes.
-Severe Cough
-Wheezing or trouble breathing
-Nasal congestion

Mold poisons when inside your body can raise overall toxicity. These symptoms may begin to manifest when your body’s toxicity reaches a specific stage. Typically, toxins are eliminated from the body via waste. However, when the overall amount of pollutants rises too much, your body cannot effectively remove them from circulation.

What is the maximum duration of illness caused by mold? It all depends on a few things

-What kind of mold were you exposed to?

-How long were you exposed?

Despite the fact that these figures may not always be attributed exclusively to mold, they are nevertheless disturbing. And what’s more, one family member may be afflicted by mold on occasion. That makes the problem much more difficult to find.

Mold Exposure Elimination

The greatest approach to treat mold-related problems is to get rid of any potential mold exposure in your house or workplace. When you’re in an area for a long period of time, such as at the workplace, at home, or in a specific room, you may experience symptoms. If they go away when you leave that space, this is an tell if its present.

If you know someone who has inexplicable health issues, the mold that has grown in your home could be the culprit. To discover and remove any mold, contact a qualified mold inspector ASAP. If the mold is not removed correctly, it could return.

It’s critical to talk to a physician or health professional about the best methods for detoxifying yourself. This may be accomplished through medication or dietary adjustments, as well as the use of natural remedies.

If you notice mold, or suspect that you have a mold issue, contact Golden State Mold Inspections (310) 525-0619.