FAQ's - Golden State Mold Inspections



Frequently Asked Questions about mold inspections

As a mold inspector our job is to inspect a property for mold contamination, identify the type of mold and its toxins, determine the source of the mold growth and a scope of work for proper remediation. On top of this, in our inspection we report areas that could be susceptible to future mold contamination and give recommendations on how to fix and prevent mold from growing.

If there are no signs of visible mold, indications would include a musty odor, water stains on the ceilings and walls, cracked tiles and deteriorated grout in the kitchens and bathrooms, any water stains/damage below sinks and/or soft spots near or around any sinks, tubs, toilets or drains.

There are two main causes of mold growth, Poor ultimate replica watches ventilation and moisture.

First defense against mold growth is to eliminate water intrusion and maintain low moisture levels. Other prevention steps would be to be sure to use the bathroom fan when showering, don’t  leave wet rags or towels beneath the sink or in laundry room closets and try to allow the property to “breathe” by opening windows regularly.

It depends on the situation. Inspections can last from 30 minutes for a partial inspection (inspection of a specific area) to three hours for an inspection of the entire property.

During the inspection I will be using a moisture meter as well as sight and smell to find signs of moisture intrusion. If any moisture intrusion is found I will then inspect deeper to determine if there is any microbial growth. If there is microbial growth, I will take a sample, send it to a lab to determine the type of mold and it’s level of toxicity.

It is important for everybody to know that mold is everywhere, it’s in the air we breathe. There are thousands of different types of mold, out of the thousands there are approximately 100 that produce toxins. This is why it’s important dj rolex day date 118208 83208 mens 36mm automatic gold tone to determine the type of mold. While you do not want any type of mold to be growing where you live or work, drastic action needs to be taken when toxic molds are present.

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