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Mold Inspection : Dangers and Health Risks

Mold Inspection

Unsightly, nasty, and unsanitary – molds have a reputation that is no joke. This is especially true when it comes to the health risks that molds pose not to mention the damage they can cause to your home. Capable of causing respiratory illness, allergies, irritation of the skin, and even a dangerous increase in bacteria levels, these nasty microorganisms are not to be taken lightly. Fortunately, these health risks can be avoided by understanding what a mold is and getting needed help from a professional mold inspection. If you still believe mold is no more than an annoyance, take a look at our list of the top 5 health risks they can cause and how you can stay safe by taking preventative measures with a mold inspection.
Understanding Mold

The term “mold” refers to microscopic multicellular fungi that appear as filaments, capsules, or grape-like clusters. A mold infestation can occur in any damp indoor environment, but it thrives in spaces of poor ventilation and is commonly found in basements, crawlspaces, and attics. They can even form on inanimate objects like concrete, wood, paper, and cardboard. When molds have taken hold of an area, it’s easy to see the growth due to their dark, greasy appearance. Most people can spot the telltale signs of mold from a few feet away. However, some homeowners may find it hard to spot mold growing in hard-to-reach places or places hidden from view. Furthermore, all molds are capable of producing a wide range of toxic chemicals known as mycotoxins, but this capability varies depending on the species of mold and the environmental conditions under which the mold is growing.

Health Risks Mold Can Cause

When mold is found in a home, it can pose health risks that range from relatively minor to severe. Some of the most common symptoms of exposure to molds are similar to those produced by allergies and other respiratory conditions such as:

Lung Irritation:
Lung irritation often arises after you breathe in mold spores or mycotoxins. The degree of irritation will depend on the amount of exposure to the mold. Some people have a little reaction, while others can experience allergic symptoms that include a runny nose, congestion, and wheezing. Rarely, lung irritation can lead to more serious health issues like asthma or other respiratory diseases. But regardless of the severity of the reaction, lung irritation should never be overlooked.

Skin Rash:
Socially embarrassing, and physically itchy, skin rashes are a common response to exposure to molds. After an individual is exposed to molds, it can take anywhere from several hours to a few days for symptoms to appear. It is not uncommon for the symptoms to appear around the nose, mouth, throat, and eyes.

Eye Irritation:
The eye is sensitive to even minute amounts of some molds and mycotoxins, including spores. Exposure to mold can trigger eye irritation, symptoms may include redness, burning or itching, and in some instances, eye damage. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms when you are at home or office, it’s best to consult with a professional Los Angeles mold testing company. With their years of expertise, they will be able to determine the extent of mold exposure, help you identify the source of the problem, and will even assist you in removing the mold and restoring your indoor air quality.

A higher risk of developing asthma may occur in people who have been exposed to high levels of mold. Molds with their various toxins can trigger allergic reactions which could lead to various respiratory problems including asthma.

Compromised Immune System:
Exposure to molds for a prolonged period can result in a compromised immune system. Mold spores can increase susceptibility to a number of diseases such as flu and other respiratory diseases. In rare cases, mold exposure can even lead to death. The severity of the symptoms depends on the exposure and the individual’s susceptibility to mold spores.

Golden State Mold Inspections is your source for expert assistance with all of your Los Angeles mold inspection needs. If you are experiencing or have experienced a health-related issue that might be related to black mold exposure, contact us today and allow our professional team to perform an inspection for you. Boasting decades of experience in the mold inspection and removal industry, we will assist you in tackling this difficult problem head-on.

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