May 2023 - Golden State Mold Inspections

Month: May 2023

What Are Signs Of Mold Sickness?

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Do you have unexplained health difficulties like recurrent coughing, wheezing, or skin irritation? You might have mold sickness, and you shouldn’t take this lightly. You may need the help of a professional to make a full inspection and eradication. At Golden State Mold Inspections, we understand the health risks of mold growth in the house and can help you find and eliminate them.

By choosing us as your trusted partner, we assure you that our team will rigorously find mold growth in your home or business, guiding you throughout the inspection procedure and helping you reclaim control over your health. Let Golden State Mold Inspections assist you in taking your initial step toward restoration and better health.

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Learn What is Black Mold, its Causes, and How to Prevent It

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Black mold is a fungus that typically develops in damp and poorly ventilated areas in the house like the bathroom and kitchen. Continuous exposure may cause serious health issues. Many people aren’t aware to recognize black mold or understand its health risks. In this blog, we answer the question of what is black mold, discuss its causes and treatment, and explore how to prevent it.

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Are DIY Mold Tests Accurate? Pros And Cons

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The formation of mold in the home may pose some serious health risks. Early detection and treatment are essential. Most homeowners would try to do their own testing to find out if molds are present. The question now is, are DIY mold tests accurate? In this blog post, we present the pros and cons of DIY mold tests and see if you can use them in your home to test for molds.

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