October 2023 - Golden State Mold Inspections

Month: October 2023

Common Mold Species: What Mold Inspections Can Tell You

Mold is a pervasive issue affecting homes, offices, and other indoor spaces. While the presence of mold is a concern, understanding the specific types of mold present is crucial. Various mold species might have different health impacts and necessitate other cleanup techniques. In this educational blog article, we’ll look at some common mold species and discuss how mold inspections may provide important information about mold in your environment. Continue Reading

Common Myths About Mold Inspections Debunked

Mold, a common issue in homes and commercial properties, is often surrounded by myths and misconceptions. These myths can lead to clarity and better decision-making regarding mold inspections. This informative blog post will debunk some of the most common myths about mold inspections and provide accurate information to make informed choices about assessing and addressing mold problems

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DIY vs Professional Mold Inspections: Pros and Cons

Mold is common in homes and commercial properties with severe health and property integrity implications. When you suspect mold growth, the next step is to decide whether to conduct a mold inspection yourself or hire a professional. To assist you in choosing the best course of action for your circumstance, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of DIY (Do It Yourself) mold inspections vs. professional mold inspections in this blog article.

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