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We are the best mold inspections and mold testing company in the Lawndale California area! You can be sure that we will listen to your concerns, answer any questions with honest answers, provide a cost estimate for you before mold removal begins (if requested), remove only what is necessary without damaging anything else. We have no conflict of interest because we do not perform our own repairs or removals so there’s never pressure from us when it comes time to make decisions about remediation work.

A mold inspection is a fairly straightforward procedure, but it’s important that you know what to expect. Mold inspectors will start by asking questions about the history of your home and whether or not you have any health issues. After this, they’ll get on their hands and knees to inspect the crawl space for any indications of water damage. If there are no signs of water damage near the foundation, then they’ll head upstairs to do a visual inspection. This includes checking behind outlets or sinks in case there is hidden mold growth inside these locations. Some of the most common problems that bring people to us on a regular basis include musty odors and strange smells, respiratory issues, and concern over indoor air quality. There are also those who want to avoid taking over someone else’s mold problem by getting their home or business professionally inspected as soon as possible.

Nothing is more aggravating than having your house full of stale mustiness and mildew, especially if you’re planning to turn it into your ideal home one day! Give us a call right now for a free quote so that mold or asbestos don’t endanger your family. CALL TODAY


Lawndale may not be as popular as the city of Orange or the beach towns of Manhattan, Redondo, or Marina del Rey in South California, but this city will surely surprise you with all its hidden treasures. Lawndale, California is called by many the heart of South Bay because it’s located at the center of it. That is enough reason to explore the area and just let the place speak for itself. Prepare yourself because this “unpopular” city will exceed your expectations.


It was on December 28, 1959, that Lawndale became a city of the County of Los Angeles, California. It’s not just a large area in the road between Redondo Beach and Hawthorne. Lawndale has its own history beginning in 1822-1846 when Antonio Ignacio Avila was granted land from the area called Rancho Sausal-Redondo where its southern portion includes today’s Lawndale. In March 1905, the town of Lawndale was founded by Charles B. Hopper. One year after that, people came to Lawndale and settled in. The first residents of Lawndale live by raising sheep, crops, and poultry.


The total land area of Lawndale is 5.2 square kilometers. The Redondo beach is located on the west of the city, Hawthorne is at its north while the El Camino Village is on its east. All year long, the weather in Lawndale is warm although there are moderate rains in winter.


It seems like people are looking for more opportunities outside of Lawndale because the population has decreased from 32, 769 in 2010 to 31, 807 in 2020. That’s according to the 2020 Census of Population and Housing conducted by the United States Census Bureau. Although there’s a 1.2% decrease in Lawndale’s population, it doesn’t change the fact that Lawndale is still a great place to visit and even to live at.


RUSSELL WESTBROOK, an NBA player, and TIRAN PORTER, a member of The Doobie Brothers, are both alumni of Leuzinger High School in Lawndale. ROY ROGERS, a singer, an actor, and a television host is also from Lawndale.


Are you ready to start your treasure hunting? Here are five hidden gems you can find in Lawndale.


If you find Lawndale as ‘boring’, that only means you have not yet visited Alondra Park. There are just so many things to do and try at Alondra Park. This is where you can get a beautiful view of the sunset on nearby beaches like Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach. The park is 53 acres making it the largest park in the city of Lawndale. There are baseball fields, skate parks, fishing lakes, outdoor stages, fitness par courses, group picnic shelters, softball fields available for public use around the park.


If you’re looking for the perfect place to get married or propose, South Bay Wedding Center is the perfect place to say “I do” and “Yes”. Clients praise their great service and the wall and ceiling full of flowers.


Lawndale’s simplicity is perfect for relaxation and peace. If you’re looking for a place around Lawndale to just relax and pamper yourself, there are spas around the area that can cater to your needs. You can have your nails done at The Nail Spa, you can have your much-needed massage at Q Spa, or at the Home Organic Massage where you can experience a luxury treatment.


Rudolph Park opened its doors to the public in May 2016. The park has picnic tables, an amphitheater, a large playground for kids, climbing nets, and an embankment slide to entertain its visitors.


Others visit Lawndale because it’s near beach towns and offers luxurious hotels that can be alternatives when hotels in beach towns become fully booked during an in-demand season like summer.

BAYMONT BY WYNDHAM LAX is the number one favorite place by tourists to stay in Lawndale. There are other places to stay if Baymont is fully booked. You can try BEST WESTERN PLUS SOUTH BAY HOTEL ORTRAVELERS INN.

Visiting Lawndale is like an adventure where you walk around the city exploring places and finding hidden gems. Give Lawndale a chance. This city will surely leave a place in your heart.

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