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We are the best mold inspections and mold testing company in the Los Angeles California area! You can be sure that we will listen to your concerns, answer any questions with honest answers, provide a cost estimate for you before mold removal begins (if requested), remove only what is necessary without damaging anything else. We have no conflict of interest because we do not perform our own repairs or removals so there’s never pressure from us when it comes time to make decisions about remediation work.

A mold inspection is a fairly straightforward procedure, but it’s important that you know what to expect. Mold inspectors will start by asking questions about the history of your home and whether or not you have any health issues. After this, they’ll get on their hands and knees to inspect the crawl space for any indications of water damage. If there are no signs of water damage near the foundation, then they’ll head upstairs to do a visual inspection. This includes checking behind outlets or sinks in case there is hidden mold growth inside these locations. Some of the most common problems that bring people to us on a regular basis include musty odors and strange smells, respiratory issues, and concern over indoor air quality. There are also those who want to avoid taking over someone else’s mold problem by getting their home or business professionally inspected as soon as possible.

Nothing is more aggravating than having your house full of stale mustiness and mildew, especially if you’re planning to turn it into your ideal home one day! Give us a call right now for a free quote so that mold or asbestos don’t endanger your family. CALL TODAY

Los Angeles

There is no doubt that you’ve probably heard about Los Angeles in Hollywood movies. Famous movies like La La Land, China Town, and Boogie nights all featured this city in the mainstream media. Los Angeles is the biggest city in California and the second biggest one in the United States after New York. It is a sprawling city and is considered as United States’ center of the film and television industry. With Los Angeles being the second biggest city, it has a huge population of 3, 898 million and the Metropolitan area is home to 13.1 million people. With the city and the country joined together geographically, culturally, and economically, the city is considered as a “large village”. In this place, you’ll be amazed at the ethnic and racial diversity.

Los Angeles is hailed as the Entertainment Capital of the World. This city offers a unique L.A. experience that you’ll surely treasure and would remember for the rest of your lives. Brought to the spotlight by being internationally known in the film and entertainment industry, this vibrant and thriving city would captivate your heart that you’ll be wanting to come back here every time. Let’s explore why your trip to this marvelous city will be an unforgettable one.

Founded by the Spanish Governor Felipe de Neve in the village of Yaangva, this city was once a part of Mexico following the Mexican War of Independence. Once the war ended, Los Angeles and the rest of California were purchased and became a part of the United States. The growth of the city started when oil was discovered in the 1890s. The city has a robust economy. covering farming, oil, tourism, and real estate. Most of the residents here rely on automobiles and favor informal and liberated actions. Los Angeles has this perfect weather that you won’t experience any unpleasant season and this is because it is a part of Southern California. Most of the days, the weather is sunny and warm complemented with the cool and gentle breeze of the ocean. The average temperature is 24 degrees Celcius which makes it perfect to do outdoor activities and leisure.

Did you know that Los Angeles means the City of Angels? The origin of this nickname started back when its main village, Yaangva started flourishing on the banks of the L.A. River. The Spaniards that moved in called it the EL PUEBLO DE LA REINA DE LOS ANGELES or the town of the Queen of Angels as they refer to the Catholic Figure of the Holy Virgin Mary. The name was then shortened as time passes by as it gives more ring to it. A city with a rich and fabled past with its diverse cultures, coming together harmonically.

The landscapes of Los Angeles are fantastic, composed of valleys, low mountains, coastal plains, and a long seacoast. The outstanding beaches that this city offers attract millions of tourists every year. This city is safe and welcoming to you with its broad transportation network. There are a lot of accessible airports here that you can choose from. Los Angeles offers a myriad of attractions and exciting activities. You can enjoy the classic wineries and the exciting nightlife. This city just sets a high standard for world-class nightlife, exciting themes, vibrant decorations, and extravagant places and spaces. The venues here draw the hottest crowds with the promoters and international DJs on the music set to just hook you up and enjoy going to parties. The lists of hot venues and activities to enjoy after-dark excitement in Los Angeles is endless and this is why people come here to be entertained and get so much more than they expect. If you ever visit L.A, put on your best outfits and head out to experience the best nightlife in this city.

Los Angeles is also home to COMEDY CLUBS where you can watch aspiring and talented stand-up comedians make you laugh out loud. One of the clubs here includes the Legendary Factor which is a home for many successful comedians. LIVE ENTERTAINMENTS in L.A. will also get you hyped with the live performances by emerging artists and one of the hottest names in the music industry. Los Angeles is the place for the continuous launching and relaunching of the hottest clubs. Celebrity DJs are here to promote their songs, playing the best EDM and Hip-hop music. Los Angeles is the home to Capitol Records, Rhino Records, and immense talent. It is also the birthplace of famous bands, growing as the worldwide center for music. Do you also know that it is the Rave Capital of the world? Hosting various music festivals throughout the whole year and bringing thousands and millions of audiences.

Los Angeles is the home for dancers around the world. You can go to the Exchange club in the Downtown or try Playhouse in Hollywood. If you prefer skyscrapers, you can go to the Elevate Lounge. If you’re into salsa and other Latin-dance styles, then The Mayan will definitely suit your taste.

If you’re in for a good drink, Los Angeles got the best bars for you, enjoyed by millions of tours and citizens alike. If you are in for the international scene, Downtown’s The Roof at the Standard will give you the best panoramic view in all of Downtown. The Edison is one of the eclectic bar sites, serving you hand-crafted cocktails and the setting will give you a blend of art, science, and industry. If you’re up for island fun and live music, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville will cater to your need.

Sports bars are so one that has been visited by the tourists, enjoying the state-of-the-art technology, delicious bar fare, extensive selection of drinks and watching big games. L.A. Live and Yard House are some of the popular mainstays in the local sports bar scene. Los Angeles just doesn’t have a shortage of things to do for the tourists. The statistics will show you that over 40 million visitors are coming to this city annually and are raking $15 billion dollars just for the tourism industry.

Whether you are looking for budget-friendly dining or a luxurious dining experience, Los Angeles got it all for you. This city is one of the most diverse and dynamic cities when it comes to food. They feature international cuisines that you’ll enjoy. Moreover, because its location is near the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles is a prime area of fresh seafood. The restaurants in this city are composed of street vendors and five stars that you can enjoy nearly all kinds of food and taste the differences of international cuisines. It is also the home to many renowned international chefs around the world, ready to serve you with their exciting flavors and their masterpiece on the daily basis.

If you’re thinking that this city is polluted and wasted because of too many tourists and cars, you’re definitely wrong. Los Angeles is at the top of the list for its recycling rate, recognizing that proper waste management’s important in keeping the city sustainable and it has implemented dozens of programs which helped the city reached 76.4% recycling rate. This city has beaten out all the large countries in the United States. The Metro makes it easy for visitors to use public transportation to check around all the wonderful places in L.A. It operates 2,200 buses and 6 railways, including from Downtown to Hollywood. Whether you want to see Disneyland or the Legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Metro can take you there with ease.

The Los Angeles Convention Center has abundant space for any size event. It can cater to hundreds of businesses transactions. Moreover, the L.A. offers high-quality hotels to accommodate the visitors who are looking for everything to get a great experience. Planners in this city can find a property that fits their budget and offers every amenity and service that you are looking for.

“You are going to Hollywood!” You’ve probably heard this a million times in TV shows like American Idol, The Voice, MTV awards, and Glee. Hollywood is a suburb that offers unique and historical sites. This is why it is an attraction itself and the Hillside Sign, Hollywood Boulevard and Chinese Theatre are some of the best places you can visit. If you’re lucky, you can run into some of your favorite celebrities or a two when you’re shopping in the Rodeo Drive. You should also try finding all your favorite actors in the Walk of Fame.


Universal Studios

This theme park is for those who want mind-blowing rides based on blockbuster movies and also a working movie studio. The highlight of this park is the ever-changing selection of rides. It includes different famous movie shows like Harry Potter, Jurassic World, The Walking Dead, and Despicable Me. You can enjoy all day and check out the CityWalk for shopping and dining.

Disneyland Resort

Los Angeles’s primary family vacation spot since the 1950s is Disneyland Park with its glamorous rides and themes that everyone whatever their age is, can enjoy. The Disneyland California Adventure Park holds action and adventure with its seven lands based on movie themes like Starwars.

Griffith Park and Observatory

The largest park in California is Griffith Park. It is the home to the Los Angeles Zoo, a planetarium, a Greek Theater, and a riding center for the 1984 Olympic Games. One of the most interesting experienced-based attractions is the Griffith Observatory which is free for the public. It is full of exhibits and telescopes, and the main highlight is the Zeiss Telescope which can be used to view astronomical objects like the moon and other planets. When the facility is open, you can use the telescopes for free each evening and there are also solar telescopes if you want to see the sun.

Santa Monica Pier

If you want to lay back, this is a unique destination for you. Surfers, skateboarders, yoga, and business people all come here to enjoy the long beautiful stretch of the golden sand along with its mesmerizing coasts. The Iconic Ferris Wheel is what most tourists want to enjoy as you get a calming view while you are at the top. You can also find other enjoyable experiences in this beachfront city.

Natural History Museum

This museum has numerous galleries and a permanent collection of a range of topics dealing with the history of California and areas throughout the world. If you want to see the best collection of Dinosaur bones, then the Natural History Museum features the 14,000-square foot Dinosaur Hall. This hall displays awesome dinosaur skeletons including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

If you like seeing outstanding collections of art, the Los Angeles county Museum of Art has almost 130,000 pieces of the collection spanning from antique to modern times. This is the largest art museum in the western United States. You can see Asian, Islamic, Latin American arts that can surely satisfy your visual taste.

California Science Center

The home to the Space Shuttle Endeavor is open to the public for free. You can see here the space shuttles as well as the numerous space artifacts from the space missions conducted. It can stimulate your curiosity and aspire you to explore science further because by creating fun and memories while learning.

LA is a city that has achieved great things as a whole. People coming from different nations come here to make their dreams come true. You can many find opportunities in this city. This is why it is filled with aspiring actors and actresses with its reputation for being the creative center of America. This city emphasizes the importance of opportunity, creativity, culture, and experience. Everything starts with a dream and this City can make your dreams come true! Los Angeles just offers outstanding and award-winning experiences and seamless convenience that if perfectly fit the crown of the Entertainment Capital in the world.

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