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We are the best mold inspections and mold testing company in the Venture County California area! You can be sure that we will listen to your concerns, answer any questions with honest answers, provide a cost estimate for you before mold removal begins (if requested), remove only what is necessary without damaging anything else. We have no conflict of interest because we do not perform our own repairs or removals so there’s never pressure from us when it comes time to make decisions about remediation work.

A mold inspection is a fairly straightforward procedure, but it’s important that you know what to expect. Mold inspectors will start by asking questions about the history of your home and whether or not you have any health issues. After this, they’ll get on their hands and knees to inspect the crawl space for any indications of water damage. If there are no signs of water damage near the foundation, then they’ll head upstairs to do a visual inspection. This includes checking behind outlets or sinks in case there is hidden mold growth inside these locations. Some of the most common problems that bring people to us on a regular basis include musty odors and strange smells, respiratory issues, and concern over indoor air quality. There are also those who want to avoid taking over someone else’s mold problem by getting their home or business professionally inspected as soon as possible.

Nothing is more aggravating than having your house full of stale mustiness and mildew, especially if you’re planning to turn it into your ideal home one day! Give us a call right now for a free quote so that mold or asbestos don’t endanger your family. CALL TODAY

Ventura County

Southern California is born out of its rich history. It was through this historic development that most of its counties came to be of existence. One of its historic counties is Ventura. Ventura is one of the counties in Southern California that holds a historic place in the entirety of California.


Ventura was born out of the Mission San Buenaventura headed by the missionary priest Father Junipero Serra. These California missions were responsible for restoring the place and site of Ventura after a tragic earthquake occurred in 1841.

The Mexicans were the people who pioneered building and developing the county of Ventura. After the Civil War happened, settlers flock to the county of Ventura. Most of these settlers are Easterners who purchased and bought the land from the native settlers, the Mexicans. Unlike the other counties, Ventura has less population of immigrants. It is through this reason that the county of Ventura came to enrich and prosper its own set of culture and beliefs.

Ventura is a county that is often isolated from the entire part of California. When the construction of roads began, Ventura was linked to Los Angeles easing access and transportation to the county of Ventura.



This was often named the San Buenaventura Beach. This beach is your quintessential beach trip for your group of friends and family members. San Buenaventura beach covers pristine blue water and sandy white beaches fit for sunbathing and beach activities.

Some of the water activities you can definitely try are surfing, swimming, and beach volleyball. The beach has on-duty lifeguards for the safety of locals and tourists visiting San Buenaventura Beach. Also, near the beach’s entrance is a picnic area. This area has a nice grass fit for picnicking with friends and family. There are chairs and tables provided for your comfort and enjoyment as well.


If you love to take in the view of the beach and feel the atmosphere of the ocean, then Ventura’s Harbor Village is the perfect place for you. There are different stalls, restaurants, and shops that offer various products. Some of the restaurants offer palatable and fresh seafood you can definitely enjoy with friends and loved ones.

In the harbor, boats are parked and lined which offer a scenic view for you to take in the feel of the coastal atmosphere in the Ventura Harbor Village. This is perfect if you just want to take a walk and think things through while viewing the harbor and feeling the breeze of the San Buenaventura Beach.


From the Ventura Harbor Village, you can take a boat going to the Channel Islands National Park. This park is encapsulated with five different and scenic islands comprising Channel Island. If you want to escape the noise of the city and of the mainland, then visiting the Channel Islands National Park is the perfect spot for you.

Most people visit Santa Cruz Island and Anacapa Island because of their breathtaking view and picturesque location. On these islands, you can try hiking, camping, and island hopping as well. Definitely, this is your perfect vacation getaway. Let us not forget on the list of activities you can do are kayaking and snorkeling. Now, that can be a water adventure worthy of your beautiful memories to keep.


Ventura’s rich history was credited from the Mexican Friar Father Junipero Serra. He established the Mission San Buenaventura who helped rebuild and reshape the county of Ventura. This historic site is a church imbued with relics worthy of being an architectural feat. Located in this church is an exact replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta. Outside, the church welcomes you with its beautiful fountains before getting inside the church.

The Mission San Buenaventura reflects the religious and cultural history of Ventura county. This church shows the faith and resilience of the people when faced with tremendous adversities and challenges.


Ventura County is named the 14th largest county in the entirety of California. In 2020, the population of the county reached 843, 870. Recently, in 2021, Ventura County has a total population of 841, 734 people residing in the county. This county is one of the counties that have the highest population in California.

As a large county in California, Ventura holds a diverse race of people living in the county. It is the county’s diversity that makes Ventura a place of marvel and awe.

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