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We are the best mold inspections and mold testing company in the Riverside California area! You can be sure that we will listen to your concerns, answer any questions with honest answers, provide a cost estimate for you before mold removal begins (if requested), remove only what is necessary without damaging anything else. We have no conflict of interest because we do not perform our own repairs or removals so there’s never pressure from us when it comes time to make decisions about remediation work.

A mold inspection is a fairly straightforward procedure, but it’s important that you know what to expect. Mold inspectors will start by asking questions about the history of your home and whether or not you have any health issues. After this, they’ll get on their hands and knees to inspect the crawl space for any indications of water damage. If there are no signs of water damage near the foundation, then they’ll head upstairs to do a visual inspection. This includes checking behind outlets or sinks in case there is hidden mold growth inside these locations. Some of the most common problems that bring people to us on a regular basis include musty odors and strange smells, respiratory issues, and concern over indoor air quality. There are also those who want to avoid taking over someone else’s mold problem by getting their home or business professionally inspected as soon as possible.

Nothing is more aggravating than having your house full of stale mustiness and mildew, especially if you’re planning to turn it into your ideal home one day! Give us a call right now for a free quote so that mold or asbestos don’t endanger your family. CALL TODAY


One of the counties that comprise resplendent Southern California in Riverside County. Southern California has a lot to offer. These counties, one of which was Riverside County, all comprise the comely home of Southern California.


Riverside County is originally named Jurupa. This county was part of the once Mexican land called Rancho Jurupa. Hence, Riverside was initially called Jurupa. At that time, Riverside was known as the county that grows silk in the entirety of its land. Over time, Riverside began to venture into growing citrus plants.

The person credited in history who have founded Riverside is John North. This was back in 1870 when Easterners mostly from England and Canada explored the land of which then the county of Riverside came of existence. These Easterners have established a different breed of culture and tradition in Riverside.

It is in this county that the first-ever golf course and field for polo was erected in the county of Riverside. Over time, Riverside started to focus its natural resource on planting and growing citrus plants. Later on, this county became known as the center of citrus plants and produce.



This is your quintessential place to visit when you plan to go to Riverside County. This is California’s historic state park that shows the historic development of the citrus industry in Riverside. The story dates back to 1873 when a native of Riverside, Eliza Tibbets, was given by the Department of Agriculture two orange trees to grow in her home. Later on, Tibbets’ orange trees thrive and bear the fruit of the citrus industry in Riverside.

At the park, there are available tour guides that can walk you through Citrus State Park. You can even taste and try some of the freshly-picked citruses grown from the Riverside County soil. In some areas of the park, you can enjoy picnicking in the vast areas of land in the state park.


Riverside County also prides itself in its botanical gardens located in the University of California. If you love wander and discover the nature of flowers, plants, trees, and herbs, then visiting this botanical garden is a must-try.

Some of the plants cared for in this botanical garden are grown specifically from Californian soil. These include shrubs, flowers, and roses that thrive in the rich soil of California. If you are into plants and flowers, then Riverside County’s Botanical Garden is a haven fit for you.


This county has a rich and thriving history. It was through the effort of the Riverside City Council in 1924 that a museum is erected in Riverside County. Back in the day, the museum displayed artifacts and antiques showing the culture and tradition of the Native Americans. Later on, some locals and those who own private organizations began donating and giving some treasured artifacts to the museum.

The museum mainly stores and displays the culture, history, and natural resources born from the rich soil of Riverside County. There are documents and photographs showing how the county came to be of existence.


One of the rivers flowing through the area of Riverside County is the Whitewater River. This preserve is a 2, 851-acre of land that seems to protect and encapsulate the different species living in the Whitewater River.

If you are planning to visit the Whitewater Preserve, you can try trail hiking. While you’re at it, you can see the different species of plants, flowers, and animals that thrive near the Whitewater River. This is also a great way to engage with nature and smell the fresh air from the surrounding trees and plants.


Riverside County is recorded as the 11th largest county in the entirety of California. In 2020, the recorded population of Riverside County reached 4, 688, 720. Recently, in 2021, the latest census showed that the overall population of the county is 4, 726, 810. There is a gradual but steady growth in the population of Riverside County.

Demographic records have shown that Riverside County is mostly comprised of White and other races. The latest records show that 58.26% of Whites live in the county while 21.96% for the other races. The Asians follow in the largest demography of Riverside County with 7.61% of the population.

In all of its entirety, Riverside County is a place of marvel. With its citrus industry and rich preserve of plants and flowers, Riverside County has its own reputation to uphold.

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